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We are the leader in the Ukulele market today with a lot of great information as well as a great community as a result of the thousands of people that have visited us during the last five years and the hundreds of people that join our forums everyday. A great deal of the information and resources within the Ukulele Forum is directly sourced from our expert Ukulele Users and will also be directly supplied to all new Ukulele Players.The Ukulele Forum is primarily aimed at Ukulele Players and new Ukulele players alike although there is a wide array of content and information available that can be found on our FAQs , Ukuleles FAQs and Ukulele Forum Page

The Ukulele Forums are the home for all Ukulele related discussions and information. Our users and active members provide many of the most insightful, informed and helpful advice on the Ukulele forums. From simple beginner tips such as the pros and cons of a new size, to more technical discussion of tuning and string options, Ukulele Forums are a great place to learn and discuss your new set of Ukuleles, and to find out what other Ukulele players are talking about!If you’ve ever wanted to improve with your Ukulele playing, you’ve come to the right place! The Ukulele forum here is full of information, support and advice about the Ukulele.

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