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In an attempt to get to grips with the different chords in this country music-based system, some of my fellow ukulele players (including some of our fellow musicians at CMC – have made their own little versions of this very popular system, all based upon basic ‘rules’ of chords.

First, if a chord is being played, note it quickly with your finger so that it can be identified. This can be done from the front or from the side.

Next, put the fingers of a new ukulele down. When you come back to it in the near future, use your thumb to identify the note being played so that your hand can be used to ‘see’ the new chord being played.
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If the sound is not there, then do not place hands on it.

It’s this last method that I have suggested as the fastest way of playing the different chords on a ukulele. A similar idea can be applied to the various scales on other instruments, but I think it works well with strings, too.

I’ve played a few hours with this particular system and am happy to say that my ear is now able to identify the most common chords being played on the ukulele, and there are no longer any chords too hard for me to identify.

I know that many other players are having the same experience so we may well find that this system really works. However – at this time – I do suspect that, due to the length of time that has been committed in the pursuit of this system, it may become a bit too complex for some of our ukulele players, especially those with musical backgrounds outside the ukulele.

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