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I’m not so sure… I would have to say that any band I am in or playing with is going to be less likely to make saxophone noises. But this was not me and it can be tricky because I have to give a certain amount of time before I start making noises. On a real saxophone, if I make a wrong note or hit the wrong beat, I get annoyed with myself so I try to play really fast, but then it takes too long and my voice goes too quiet. The other thing I don’t notice is that I am using my voice in the wrong way. There are only so many things I can do to a person before they will stop playing. If I have to stop all the instruments at the end of the chorus, I feel so weird and angry at myself. I can’t really explain how I do it but I do it by not being in control of my voice.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians? I have no personal advice because I feel like the only reason I had my first taste of jazz was because I thought it was cool, and then as I played it better and better, and it eventually gave me a big break I didn’t think I could have and the only reason I got good enough to get that break is because I spent a lot of time going through every style and every song. I started with a band called the Pines and I didn’t know about many of the styles of piano I could play. And so I did it by playing my favorite song at one time and learning all of the chords, and then I just kept moving from style to style until the next time I chose to go for it. I thought this was going to happen but it still doesn’t. In an ideal world, the entire experience would have played out the same but we never played the same material. If I would have spent more time learning a wider variety of styles, you can bet my voice would be in better shape as well.

How does your saxophone sound? I was a little surprised when I played the saxophone on this album because the trumpet and guitar sound so much similar. But they both sound incredible. I think they are quite comparable but different in their own way.

What are your top three favorite recordings of yours? I would have to say I like my stuff in general. I do not really like anything really but what I like now, for sure, are all of the saxophone tracks on here except for one. Actually it is

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