Is Piano easier than guitar?

When I started to learn the guitar, when I started to learn it in my school, after a while I found that it was much easier to get some rhythms and chords in a guitar than a piano.

Now, not everything is really easier on the piano: there are certain ways and techniques to express certain chords and certain sounds that are very difficult on the guitar, such as using the thumb when you are playing chords. So, I would say it’s kind of a balance.

What’s the biggest benefit you’ve noticed from doing live instruments?

It seems like a huge difference for each band I’ve played with, because the audience is completely focused on the musicians. When you’re performing you need to be very focused on getting your sound right. With live instruments it’s more like a mix of your own thoughts, your own voice, how you play the instrument, as well as the sound of the audience. And it’s great because when you’re performing, you’re playing something that you’ve put so much work into. You’re really playing, like, five minutes of a song.

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And as a performer who does a lot of shows in this city, when you get to be able to move with the music and make decisions based on your sound, I think it’s very gratifying.

Have you ever considered becoming a singer?

No, I’ve always loved playing music. I’ve always been a very happy person when I play music I enjoy listening to. But in the end, I’ve never wanted to get into anything where people will have to listen to me all the time. It’s my calling and my passion.

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