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This is the main question the question itself is trying to answer. Since there are so many different kinds of music players there are no “simplest way” to find just the instrument or technique you’re looking for. So what exactly is it looking for?

The first thing you need to do is identify what your particular goals/desires are with playing the instrument. Are you looking for something for the beginner/intermediate musician, or are you looking for a solid foundation of understanding?

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing your music lesson:

#4 – Your level of motivation and ability: As a beginner you would be less motivated to learn than someone like a beginner guitar player, so you wouldn’t care what you’re paying for music lessons. It’s a general rule of thumb.

#5 – Your availability of time and availability of music to practice: As a beginner you would have no more or less time, as a beginner musician you can play from 8pm to midnight. You can’t practice 5 hours of music a day, so choose music that fits your schedule – this will vary by the instruments you are practicing and how many hours you plan to practice a week.

#6 – Your comfort level with technology: As a beginner you want to focus on having fun, so you don’t want to spend your morning playing online games or chatting with friends.

#7 – Your time commitment: Do you spend so much time on your instrument that any time you spend studying and practicing becomes a waste of time?

#8 – You need support: This is not a problem if you’re studying on your own (even if you do have a teacher) – but what if you’re studying with a teacher or someone else who helps you?

#9 – Whether you enjoy working with the music: If you like working with music you will enjoy learning, whereas those who don’t, will become confused.

#10 – Your age and availability of time and availability of music

These are the most important factors to assess when picking an instrument for your playing.

Here are a few tips for each factor:

#1 – Have fun! The whole point of learning music is to make people happy – in order for that to happen it has to be enjoyable. And if you’re trying to make people happy you’ll have to be having fun too – something that depends quite a lot on a musician’s mood and attitude.


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