Is it easier to learn to play guitar or ukulele? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Pattern For Imagine Dragons

Playing guitar is a way to connect with a lot of music, it’s more fun. Playing ukulele is hard but it’s really fun to play. I’ve always found the ukulele to be a lot more enjoyable and a lot more fulfilling than guitar because you can make it more personal with it, and your fingers are more exposed to the songs and you can hear them differently. Playing guitar is really a lot more passive. Playing ukulele you can actually listen to a specific piece of music and you can get it to move in the same way to. That’s why I wanted it to be more like that. To make it more meaningful. I still love playing guitars so I still feel a strong personal connection but you can also listen to something and have a strong emotional response. Playing ukulele is a lot more of an adventure. It’s a lot of fun but the challenge I’m trying to conquer with it is that it’s a lot more dynamic. You can play your favourite pieces and see what that means to the listener. That’s something I’m really interested in exploring and I want to give the audience a certain amount of freedom here so that they can tell me what they think about it in a certain way.

What are some of the most challenging elements to the musical process for you?

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To be honest, the most challenging part about music is making it a good experience for the listener. Playing music is so much fun. But when it comes to making something that I feel really comfortable with, and that the audience can relate to so closely that it becomes really challenging. If I wanted to make a lot of difficult things I’m sure I’ll make one but I’m really looking forward to having a great time learning about this instrument from someone who has gone through it so much. The more that I can try to create something that is really fun for me the more satisfied I’ll be. The way I approach music is I try and make sure it’s something I could do on my own. If it’s not I try and find someone who can do it and then I just make it as difficult as they wish.

So what are you writing on the road right now?

A lot of different things, a lot of experimental, a lot of electronic music, a lot of different things. So many different genres that I can think of right now. But if you’re reading this right now you know, I have a bit of a different approach towards music

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