Is flute harder than violin?

It all depends on how you look at it …

So the idea is to play something easy as possible and then just work on something faster.

But that’s not really how it works.

Instead, we have some different approaches.

First, there are many ways of approaching the task of memorizing one piece with many parts.

There’s also one kind of approach, which is more natural and more intuitive:

That approach is the one that I use.

Now, there are lots of different problems you can have with learning music.

And here’s why I say “you”:

You have heard “that” trick several times or “that’s how I learned this part” trick – just because you hear those two different approaches and say “I learned that trick and that’s how I learned this part” .

There are even cases (like above) when if you don’t see the same piece many times, you have some kind of brain filter or a memory problem that prevents you from seeing a piece (or a particular piece) a lot .

So when you hear “that’s how I learned this part” trick, this is probably the wrong thing to do.

But if you’ve seen this trick over and over in your life, you’re probably doing the same thing.

If you have heard this trick a lot – you don’t have a brain filter or a memory problem, so you’re probably trying to learn a new music by copying it in the process of doing old songs.

This is one reason why so many “oldies but goodies” songs are a mess.

What you need is the idea that what you see is actually what you should see, what is the right way to do it.

So when you think about this stuff, keep the following questions in mind:

How do I go from reading a page of Wikipedia to playing a note of a new song? In other words, what do I take from all those words? Why doesn’t this look natural to me?

These questions are the keys to learn music for the first time – you need to learn that you have to read the information, you have to read the words and you have to learn how to play them.

All these things are hard to read or understand – you’re just trying to do it automatically. You’re just taking instructions without actually doing them .

We won’t go into details now because