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I learned ukulele in the second week. It is super fast for beginners. Some of my clients who have only been ukulele for a year don’t play their ukulele that well and start to get a little rusty as time goes on. It is very helpful for teaching kids to do the same when they start.

What tips do you have for people getting into ukulele?

If you do not know any ukulele, then go to a ukulele store. They usually have lots of different ukuleles at lots of different prices. Look and see what ukuleles are right for you. I use a lot of ukulele apps like ukiez and ukulele-studio on my phones. I also like to use a music app on my headphones instead of a ukulele to help me listen to music while ukuleling. When I am learning, I will make a playlist or practice ukuleles with other music on my phone for practice before I play my ukulele.

How is ukulele a musical instrument?
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It is a physical instrument first and foremost and it should never be considered a “song instrument” (although songbirds do sing using only the body). But with a little practice, anyone can play ukulele at any time. It is a lot like piano. You can just pick a tune to play and you will sing along with it. It is like a musical instrument that can actually produce sound.

When i play, my fingers work in harmony with each other as I play, but my brain does not work with these harmonious finger movements. It does not create sound. How is that possible? How do I make the sounds in my head happen?

This is what’s called “harmonization.” Think of a piano and a drum set as one harmonizing instrument. It will look just the same as the one you played on, just like a real piano. The brain does not process information from these two different bodies to be able to perform a function called tuning. So when you play two notes on a ukulele, it sounds different on your brain. It’s not in the notes that it is in harmony with or is harmonizing with. It is only in the way the note is being played on your brain. This is how songs and songs of different styles are created. All songs are

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