How can I practice my ukulele quietly? – How To Learn Ukulele Easy Ikaw Ay Ako Doble Kara Episodes

The easiest way to practice is without a teacher. If you don’t have the time or inclination to record the tune and practice on your ukulele, use the tabs below to practice the tune or you can use the piano tabs.

The keyboard tab can be downloaded as a PDF, or the notes and chord tablatures are all included with each download. Download a single note from the tab or the tablature below, or click any note to make a loop using the notes or chords.

Click each note on the tab to download the tablature (or click the notes in the tab to download the note or chord sheet for all the notes that can be looped).

Tab tab click chord

Click the tab to preview the file.

In the example below, you’ll hear the basic ukulele tune for G chord as well as chords for F and A. Click through for a larger view. (Note: the tab is available for a larger view, and includes all of the tabs above. You can zoom in and out using the right side of your keyboard, or press C to go full screen.)

Click the left-lower corner of the screen to hear the tab.


The other common practice is to practice on the Sabbath, a sacred day for the Latter-day Saints. Because this is a practice that does not count as part of the temple recommend and is considered non-Mormon, practicing on the Sabbath is not strictly considered in the Church. This practice has been practiced for some time in many congregations, including my own church. Since the practice doesn’t count as part of the application for the Temple recommend or temple recommend extension, and is not considered Mormon, I don’t think it is a serious issue in the Utah church. It also doesn’t count for the Temple Endowment. So there are very few ordinances that can be performed on the Sabbath (other that the temple endowment).
Ukulele Chord Fingering Chart. | Music to muster up and learn

Tabs for practicing on the Sabbath

You can download a single note from the tab to practice on the Sabbath. Click any note to loop the note. Note that if you’ve learned to play the tab in this way, you can still learn to play a lick (or a chord) in the same way. It helps to practice on the tab as you play, then perform the tune or lick. You can also download the tab below as a pdf for use in future practice.

Click the Left-lower corner

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