Do you need nails to play ukulele? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Pattern Trains

Nails are a necessity once you’ve got your ukulele. There are some that are just too expensive for a beginner. If you’re lucky, you may have a friend that can help you find one. We have a fantastic selection on Etsy, check out the list of recommended products at the end of this tutorial!

If you have questions about buying nails for ukulele, we can help. Please check out our FAQ with more information!

Get started with these easy tutorials to make nail art!

Here will you pick the best size (width for guitar or 2mm for ukulele) for your guitar.

And here is step-by-step how each step of the making your guitar beautiful, the process of how you make them beautiful by using color of your choice.

First you need to purchase a few nails or small bits of colored stuff.
Take Lessons or DIY? How to Learn to Play Ukulele

Then, get your hands right above your ukulele. Make sure it’s wide enough to wrap around your guitar like you’re wrapping a piece of string around your finger.

You can do this in different ways. I will use the method described on the website of the nail art company.

But I will just use my hands and my finger like this.

Make sure the nail(s) (or small bits or pieces of stuff) that you are using are the same size as your ukulele.

Then start wrapping the string around your finger

I would recommend using a white polish. It will not show very well, but it really does make sure that you won’t have any white spot on your ukulele which will make your eyes bleed. So please, I really recommend using the white polish.

And then to finish the look, you can simply paint on some white paint or glue some white stuff onto the nail(s) (or pieces of stuff). You can either spray or dab some white paint on the nail(s).

What I did when I was playing my ukulele and not feeling nice. Here it you can see my finger that I glued onto the nail.

After I had finished the guitar, what I did was painting the back of my piano.

This is how I put it on.

Now you can see my nails on my ukulele. It’s not a bad look, but definitely not good. But I really wanted to do it. It just

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