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The first flappers became flappers when a ball-boy came in on a hot summer’s day and asked them to take a picture of him in white. The name of this girl/woman was Anna Lapp, and her friends were Lettie and Linnell. They did a little “chick flick” and were photographed in their underwear. Then they took pictures of Linnell and Littie and sent them off to a magazine. That magazine was called The American Girl. It did a story on Anna’s “frenzy of love,” and made a list of names of the flappers who had come from Ireland. The only name on the list was Linnell, so Linnell had always had a crush on Anna’s friend.

Who is the only living flapper?

This is so sad, because we have so many great flappers. Anna Lapp passed away last week at the age of 79—she was born on September 23, 1897. She was a good friend of Linnell, so the two of the most famous women of the last century, in both Ireland and America, met while touring Europe.

So where does Flapper Hall stand today?

Flapper Hall in Dublin was the largest of its kind at the time, with a large, public hall in the West Village.

How did it fail?

The idea was to showcase flappers while still honoring their tradition. For a while, that was exactly what they did. This was a very popular hall—and it was still running when the Great Irish Faltings began. Unfortunately for Irish flappers, after the Faltings began, promoters for the flappers’ main competitor, Vogue, tried to raise the ceiling for Flapper Hall as well as other venues in the city by building grand theaters that resembled the old ballrooms Flapper Hall once housed, but had fewer seats and no audience seating. These theaters could seat only 800 people or so and were located in the West Village and other areas throughout Dublin. As a result, the Flapper Halls, and for that matter, all ballrooms and theatres in the city, went out of business.

Where is the Flapper Hall of Fame?

It is in the West Village. There’s a small parking lot down the street from the building, and one of the entrances to the building. You can learn more about the Flapper Hall of Fame here.

Where did it go when

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