Whats a flapper in a toilet?

I am sure that many of you would know what a flapper is or can recognize it immediately, but I would like to share my story for another reason.

Recently i decided to go to the beach to relax. As soon as i walk into the hotel lobby i was met by three beautiful ladies, dressed in white and wearing sandals. They were very nice and asked “What can i do for you?” I looked around for an answer, when i saw that i had no clue. So i was told to get my bag, where i was told to go to the toilet. After that i proceeded to use the toilet and my mind just went blank. I had no idea what to do since i had heard on several TV shows how the women in those shows used to use the toilet while urinating, however i couldn’t imagine how a woman could defecate in public like that without attracting attention to the bathroom.

When i tried to say to them that i felt sick, but they kept ignoring my question. In fact i tried to urinate once again, but before I could do so they told me to get off the couch. They didn’t give any other reason for why i had to squat down, and instead wanted to take my photo. I was extremely confused as to why these beautiful girls were treating me like a child, instead of giving me an explanation.

Finally i saw my passport. I was shocked to see my name, my passport had been confiscated in Italy a couple days ago. After that i asked the girls what happened. They told me that they didn’t know what my name was. I couldn’t understand what they wanted to tell me, i knew in my heart that it really wasn’t necessary.

After i left the hotel i had to go get my bag, where i had several days before I used the toilet, my passport had been confiscated. I had no option but to go back for my passport. ...
Once i got a good chance to get my passport back I went back to the hotels lobby to meet with the other two girls. One of the two girls had already started asking me questions about my life and my travels, i explained my situation to her, that i didn’t know what to do, and she told me that i should go home and get my passport back. When i said a prayer to myself i knew that this will not happen but I just had to put up with what I had to do.

I waited for about an hour in an