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In the summer at the peak of the summer craze, the flappers in the streets would get their hair done to look like old ladies, but in the winter they also dressed it in the manner of a woman. If they were wearing a full-blown black, they would have a coat made almost exactly like a full-blown black.

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What was the fashion?

The most popular flapper styles were the “Gentleman Flapper”, the “Dress to Envy”, “Dress to Fume”, and the “Jitterbug”, a short jacket and waistcoat. The first lady in the White House would have a white jacket and top dress of the same color, which she wore over a full-length white corset-like blouse, a dress of same color and lace trimmed in gold. Her shoes would also be of the same pattern. Some of the flappers wore black ankle- heels, as well as the usual shoes of that time. The dress was usually of a black, silk, or linen material and the shoes and shoes, if in black, were of a black leather. Other styles of flappers included the “Flapper”, the “Black Flapper”, the “Blue Flapper” and the “Flop-flap”. In some instances, it was not even necessary for the top and bottom to be of the same color, a “white coat” could be taken on and still be called a flapper. A white dress and a red shoes were often used.

The flapper’s clothing was usually very long, long enough so that the men wouldn’t know who the woman was, while, at the same time, so that the women wouldn’t be recognized in the streets, in the evening. Flapper’s skirts, however, made that difficult and usually the only style of dressing was a flat-fronted, pleated frock with low, very high, very stiff waist-band.

What were flappers’ clothes made of?

It was not uncommon for a woman to wear a black bodice and a dark, sheer bodice and white dress, but often in other colors, such as red and yellow. It was also very common for a woman to wear the skirt to be pulled down to just below the knee to the waist, making the skirt very short. At the sides of the skirt, she would have a pleated, narrow, black silk or linen dress of long length. The sides of the skirt would

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