What did men wear in the 1920s?

There were no belts, and no pantalettes (or braids) and so, I assume, women wore very loose fitting garments to hide their legs (especially when they wore a skirt!). But there was no need for a belt or a pantalette, as belts and pantalettes are not a fashion accessory in a modern women’s world. Women would wear pants and skirts underneath.

Now with today’s modern, slimming women who wear short skirts (although some of these women did also wear ankle length skirts), with all their shiny, sheer, alluring, beautiful, sexy looks, it turns out that men have become interested again in the classic “slimming down” look. These days, some men believe that if they can get a woman to wear some sexy jeans, she will feel sexy as they can see it. However, the truth is that women, in fact, never actually feel sexy without wearing something sexy. Women simply feel sexy when they have something that makes them feel like a woman.

So what is an attractive look? A woman (and man) can get any look they want because sexy outfits are not necessarily a reflection of attractiveness. Sexy outfits are not always a reflection of beauty, either. The most attractive women in the world do not always seem to dress the best, as you may know from recent articles claiming that it is a reflection of some “pigmentation” on a female beauty.

However, there is some truth to the claim that all women want sexy to be a reflection of how attractive and what kind of man she is romantically interested in.

A good question is, does a person’s body always make a person sexy? In the old days, yes. But now, in the modern era, it seems that any look can make a woman sexy, in this case, a woman’s body. So for example, for a woman, if she wears a beautiful skirt, which shows off her legs, and is not too tight; she is a very attractive woman. If she wears tight pants and is very hot as you can see in pictures here, she is a very sexy woman.

If she wears a short skirt that shows off her legs, as in the picture of the very short skirt on this site, she is a very sexy woman. If she wears a sleeveless skirt which is very low cut, and shows off her stomach, she is a very sexy woman.

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So is this definition and analysis right? So, here