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I think the color of the shirt and the shoes are almost like a fashion statement, as they are always associated with a certain genre. For example, the popular color in the 70s was gray or black, but that is not a definite color for us. We are talking about different combinations of different colors and the whole idea is that we would like the color to be as unique as possible.

Do you guys really like the whole color combination thing?

No, we don’t really think like that. We just really want to make interesting colors. We like this gray-black color combination because it’s just so unique. We don’t think we have to follow the trends of other clothing companies; rather, we want to make a clothing brand which can really be loved by everyone.

What shoes do you guys wear? What brand are you wearing? What colour are you playing with?
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We really like these simple shoes that we made for our kids because they are perfect for the whole “no-dress” lifestyle you are living today. The style is very simple, because we really wanted to create something that you can wear with just anything and everyone. It is our philosophy that we should be able to pick something and wear whatever the time and the situation is.

Do you have any future plans for releasing other clothes? What comes next?

We are going to be making clothing from next year or next year and we will probably release a lot of clothing that we made previously.

What is it like to do the whole “no dresses” thing?

We really believe that people shouldn’t be able to wear clothes that aren’t their own. It is really a big issue that we always see people putting on dresses every day and that’s pretty annoying! At the same time, the dress is just about creating a sense of a special, special event. So our new collection includes a big collection about how to create special events.

Is it true that your shirts are more durable than other clothing?

It is true that in all types of clothes, our shirts are the most durable, and we have really always wanted to make shirts that are durable. People often think that it is not possible to wear a certain color for a long time, but that is not true because we have found that when you create a special occasion, it is still best to have that special color.

Where can we find your shirts?

Our store is at this address, but the

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