What colors were popular 1920s? – Black Flapper Dress Plus Size

How about colors on the 1920s? Well, to be honest, I was a bit surprised and disappointed to see all of those oldies but goodies. I had originally thought that black and white photos would just be on display, but the colors were not the ones I was expecting. My first question was, what colors were popular in the 1920s? My answer? There wasn’t really a “black and white” decade. There are a whole range of colors, all of them in use at different times and places. A lot of color was used during the industrial revolution and the years when the world was experiencing a massive migration of people around the planet.

I’m not sure why, but there were lots of colors available for 1920s. I remember seeing bright reds (a.k.a. yellow), vibrant greens (a.k.a. blue), and a variety of colors in reds (a.k.a. yellow). It didn’t seem like many people who weren’t of European origin were interested in these colors or knew how to use them. So, I guess that maybe we should be thankful that there was so much variety and so much information on what colors were popular.

Costume History Silhouettes 1920-1921 Free Line Drawings
Another thing that surprised and amazed me was the fact that women were in charge of everything. No one really knew if this is a good thing or not. Men worked, and women worked in factories, but they had to know and follow the rules. Even the men had to stay focused. But, they were responsible for the whole system so that’s why they were always in charge. This is especially true and more modern in today’s world.

Do you remember anything interesting about 1920s clothes?

Yes, definitely, they looked like something from the 1920s and not so much from the 21st century.

What were some of the most popular 1920s clothing?

It’s hard to say. This has been my big disappointment with fashion and design over the last few years, where it makes me really sad to see such a lot of fashion trends and trends, especially now. I don’t think I could really pick out any trend that was popular in my era, and, I don’t think I even remember. I’m not sure how many people still own or use any of the 1950s clothes that I wore. For people who are interested, I can share some of my clothes, but the majority are all old vintage clothing or clothing from an earlier era.


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