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If anything, the flapper was more of a feminist of the kind that didn’t mind putting on the pants or the skirt of the man she preferred.

“Even on my days I had to dress with all the fashion,” she remembers. “I had to dress like a lady and be comfortable.”

For other women, such as the flapper who was the first women to march in the Women’s March on Washington, such choices were a matter of freedom of speech.

“I had the right to speak out to them and tell them what I thought about what they were doing,” said the flapper, who asked not to be named.

The other flapper was born in France after the revolution, but after taking up knitting, she returned to France when France became the first nation to abolish slavery in 1804.

She was a “hippie,” she says, who didn’t believe in the French system of schooling and social work. She liked her freedom, but she was not an activist. She had a reputation for doing her own thing.

“I was just enjoying being myself,” she said.
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She didn’t join any political groups, but she did have her own political ideology: the liberal, social-democratic movement. That meant making a lifestyle of her own, she says: “No one could take advantage of us if we didn’t do as little as possible.”

But not always.

She lived with her husband, who was a lawyer, and her four children, in the quiet village of Vannier on the Loire river near Paris.

She did have friends, some of them aristocrats. She wrote a book about them. One of them was Jean de Bussy, who became the first president of the Republic in 1802, and who would later become the first president of France.

The other flapper, the flapper whose life I have just been telling you about, took up knitting, too. She was a flapper, that is. But only with her husband. The two were an equal partnership, as if no one else could do anything for her.

In her time, it seems that the flapper was not particularly popular.

But as my friends the flappers and I watched the first march of women taking to the streets on Jan. 21, we noticed something.

“Oh, that’s so beautiful!” one of the flappers exclaimed as she watched the march,

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