How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Fringed Flapper Dress

She changed the role of the male, and female roles became much more interchangeable. You could see it with the way women got pregnant. They would go into the world and they never thought of themselves as mothers or daughters. And the women’s magazines were more about the fashion world, and they would say this is where the girls would go. So I think women found it much easier to become pregnant after that.

How did the flapper change your life?

My real dream was to be a writer; I wanted to write books and make movies. I didn’t think it was possible. Then I was in a bookstore, and they had a book called In the Company of Boys which was a novel by Robert Browning.

My life changed so much because of this book and seeing what women were like when they were a little different. This is the only book that made it through the publishing process and became an enduring literary classic. It’s the only one, because you look at Browning and he has such a radical vision of masculinity, and he didn’t say those things, so it never made it into print.

What does your dream about being a writer mean to you now?

I want to finish my novel; I’ve written the last one and I’ve completed it, and I’ve just finished working on the third one. The final one I’m very proud of and really happy with. But I’m really passionate about women, about their ideas and their creative pursuits. I want to continue writing women’s writers books, and I want to write a book about sex, really how it should be written. It’s very important for every person to understand how gender is a power.

Why has feminist literature had such an impact on you?

I’m so lucky that, of course, I was exposed to such great writing. But it’s been a really interesting evolution.

I was a little bit afraid of how much it would affect my life. Like that famous quote: “Women’s liberation means the destruction, not the construction, of the feminine.” But if you look back in history, when the first feminists started coming up with radical ideas, they were often women they didn’t respect or respect men. It still happens sometimes in feminism now. It can sometimes be so frustrating to be a woman and to be called a woman without being recognized as a woman or being given credit for what you have to offer. A lot of women just don’t know what the fuck is

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