Did flappers wear long gloves?

Yes, as much as we hate them, they are necessary to make sure the gloves stay in good condition. Many flappers use only one glove in their uniform and wear one only in the evenings. The other would have to be taken out of the bag during the period of high activity, so that it does not get lost or damaged.

What are the signs in the morning that your flappers have come in?

You will see the flapper on the bus, the morning before class, and in the gymnasium the morning of the classes. You will see it the last few days. The flapper will say, “Today, my good woman.”

Do flappers wear ties?

It depends on the job and on the flapper. But in general, when you see them before a meeting, your first thought is, “They must be wearing ties.”

Do they wear skirts?

No flappers wear skirts, since they use gloves. They wear a short coat with sleeves, so as to make it look like trousers.

Who has the best coat in the school?

The first teacher or the superintendent.

What time do they come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

There is usually one-half hour before noon. But there are also times when the flapper will come in on time and other times when they will come in late. During this time, the students usually go down to the gymnasium to do their stretching exercises, or to read, or for other activities. After they leave the building, they go home by themselves, so that nobody calls upon them. Occasionally, some flappers arrive at the gymnasium on time and stay to lunch, but if there is lunch there already there are many of the flappers who arrive after the gym is closed.

When do they leave the gymnasium?

Flappers leave the gymnasium on certain days in the morning, for example, lunch or after class or before leaving to do other activities. They leave before lunch and stay in all classes thereafter.
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When does the flapper leave for home?

The flapper stays in all classes after the gymnasium closes. There are only a few flappers who are not in the club when the gymnasium closes. For example, the treasurer of the club has to leave for a business trip or the dance committee or a meeting of the committee.

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