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Well, I can make a decent profit in selling books and playing cards. Here are some ideas to have a try at. Some of these are more lucrative than others. So, don’t take this just as advice, but as a starting point! If in doubt, just give yourself at least a rough idea of what you think you could make from selling some of these items. If this works for you, good for you! For some of my friends, it works out great! For others, these books are a huge deal in their lives.

I have a copy of my first published book in the book section of my site. Here it is. I know this is nothing to sneeze at, but let me tell you: There are so many opportunities for my name to be linked to your books, websites, etc. and a lot of people would be interested in having a hand in that. However, this isn’t always a sure thing. I do make this one a lot, but that can be a matter of luck, too. Keep in mind that this is the first one I’ve ever made, so I’m taking my time with it. I don’t expect you to make a fortune in the short time you’ve made this money! Just keep at it and let the work fly by your way. If one person buys a copy, there is nothing stopping another person from buying a copy, and a million copies would be easy. Don’t give up!

The easiest thing to sell is one of your own. For your first time doing this, it doesn’t really matter if the money is good enough to keep us going for all five years. It could be more though. If you do, it means you are a great salesperson. You are the kind of person that would be willing to go to any lengths, as long as it gets you into the book section and gets you book sales. I know some people think there is no advantage to this as there are few of us who can sell so well. That is absolutely not true. This is not going to be about selling stuff, it’s going to be about selling your story. A lot of this kind of stuff is very personal, and it’s always hard to sell such things. My story as a person came from other sources. I didn’t buy it from the “publisher’s” who were the target market, but I received it from others. If the sales you’ve done so far have been good, there is a

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