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General selling rules


How to determine whether someone can use your website to sell things

You can sell, or provide products or services that people might want. But it’s a good idea to consider, first, what people would actually want to buy from you, before you can sell them something. (For example: if you sell online-only classes on a website, you can probably sell those classes to someone who has no online use whatsoever!)

There are a number of general selling rules, which will help you determine whether or not someone is likely to want to buy one of your merchandise.

General selling rules

Make sure the goods or service you sell for the highest price possible. In other words, if the seller asks for 10% of the item price in advance, and the item is really worth 100% of the price that you are offering, then you’ll offer someone who would pay $20 for the item 5 times more than they would pay for the product if they’d already bought it. (Note that you may lose commissions if you make sales in advance, so make sure you don’t offer to sell if you would charge a certain amount in advance. You can see your commission fee before an order is placed online, or in the product’s section.)

If there is something you are not sure a buyer will want to buy, but that you would offer to sell, ask for a quote. This is where other people can provide a buyer’s guide that helps. You can use these guides for free, from Amazon and other online sources.

Avoid “sellers” who sell for huge profit. In fact, do not advertise anything unless it is either sold in a sale or is a great deal. These sellers are usually trying to make quick cash.

If a buyer does not pay, and asks for a price higher than they were asking, ask politely to make sure they will pay. A simple way to do this is if you offer them a price that is less than what they want for the item. (Note that this does not eliminate any risk of refund; the seller will still receive the money and not have to pay you again.) Remember, a buyer will only pay if they agree to pay before you do. (Note, however, to avoid situations where a buyer asks you to pay more than you expect, you can use a “no questions asked” coupon, for example.

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