What are the most profitable handmade crafts? – Woodworking Visiting Card

It’s been very hard to find the top 10 list of all-time best handmade crafts, so I did the research myself. I searched and checked thousands of handmade crafts on the web. Some were in the list of highest-valued handmade goods.

As you see, I had to split the list in two. I chose the top 10 handmade projects for sale – the most profitable for me – and tried to make the list even more competitive, so as not to exclude top-selling crafts.

You can see how the results are biased towards the higher-valued items – the more valuable the craft, the bigger the prize for a craft creator and seller.

So, you can make a list of all-time top-10 handcrafted crafts if you have a lot of money. The other crafts were put first to give a chance to some good crafts. After that, I divided the crafts (all crafts for sale and all crafts that have made it to the end of my search) in the following categories to reduce the weight of the more popular crafts to the point where you could not make a list with all my top picks:

This way, you only get what you value and do not waste your time with the boring ones.

The best of the best

So, is it true that handmade things can be the most profitable crafts? I do not have enough data, but judging from my research, one thing is for sure: handmade crafts are, in fact, one of the most profitable crafts in the market today.

Of course, some craft projects only make money because they are famous or they are “hot items”. But, in general, craft projects will definitely make cash!

To calculate and compare the most profitable crafts, I used the following methods – you can find the information about these methods here.

Cost of materials

How much a particular craft is worth depends on costs associated with it. For example, a craft that is made of paper is really expensive, but it only takes less than one dollar to make a beautiful hand made poster (see the infographic above).

One thing I want to mention is that there are many resources that can show you different costs associated with hand-made and handmade craft materials.

The best Crafts for Sale: A list of DIY-able crafts!

Cost of equipment, tools etc.

Tools or materials that cost something to use, e.g. tools, paint, etc., are

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