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The Great Hall

Gaiden (The), a large, empty, and well furnished house in Markarth

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The Great Hall is a small, but large (almost twice the size of Whiterun) building east of Riften, near the Whiterun Gate. The main entrance is on the east side, near Old Leland’s house. The eastern side of the house contains a private dining room, with an iron firepit in the center, and a table with a bookcase inside. Another table, with six bottles of honey on it and four candles, is near an alchemy table and a large wooden bed. An alchemy table and an enchanting table are within a small alcove, in the middle. A large door, which leads to the second floor, is on the east side; it is locked, but will always be unlocked, even without a key.

There are four alchemy tables around the house and the three large wooden chests contain unique items. The chests contain random ingredients and gold. The chests all come down and can be found to the west of where Old Leland’s house is. The chest containing rare ingredients is on the ground floor, to the east of the large wood crates. The one containing common ingredients is on the ground floor, across the narrow alley that goes from the gate, at the southern end of the house. One of the larger wooden crates is on the ground floor behind the bookshelf. The second is at the end of the south east corner of the building, in the house and east of the large chest. The third is on the end of the south west corner, in front of the gate, to the west. The fourth is in the north west corner, near the gate leading to the south side of the house. This crate contains an uncursed enchanted battleaxe, an uncursed potion of healing, and 1–2 random ingredients or gold depending on level.

There are five common ingredients inside the chests, which are usually either honey, gold, or iron ore. To start a small quest, you can take the three rare ingredients off the chest and cook them. There are many more options for cooking ingredients or ingredients or gold. Common ingredients are generally found in loot piles near random food vendors. Rare ingredients can be found in chested containers and quest objects.

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