How do I price my wood projects?

I can provide you with the price for your design. However, due to time constraints, I do not have the time to offer price quotes per project. If you have questions about the price for your project, please ask for a price quote or contact me directly.

How do I create a custom job quote? How long will my custom job take?

You can order a quote on any design you wish, or you can place your project order as soon as your project design is approved.

When will my project arrive?

You can order a quote as soon as your order is available. You have to select the item and ship it to me as soon as it arrives. If the shipping method you select is outside of your choice, the shipping estimate for your order will include your choice of shipper. If my quote is lower than your original estimate, I may extend your original delivery day or add the item to your order.

Why was the project’s estimated time changed or canceled?

I need to adjust my estimate to take into account the time it will take to fabricate the material.

What do I need to submit in order to receive a quote?

You will need to submit 1-2 pictures (2-3 if your project is more than 10 pieces) of the finished piece prior to submitting your quote. All of the images are in black and white to ensure accuracy for each image. Each picture should include: Widths of fabric strips,

Lengths of fabric strips,

Width of seam allowances,

Bias allowance,

Pattern and design details for the design,

Measurements or dimensions of the finished piece

What if I have questions?

Email your email address and we’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours.

T-Mobile US’ Un-carrier strategy has been an underwhelming success during the first six months of the year alone, and has taken a beating lately. It had two of the top 10 wireless carriers in the United States, and it seems its best customers have been dropping it.

On Wednesday, the company issued a press release reiterating its strategy. Not surprisingly, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile US (formerly AT&T Mobility) took it as gospel advice, and the news is all but unsurprising. What, precisely, is surprising is where the industry is headed regarding T-Mobile.

Tune in to the live feed below to see the announcement