How can I make more money with woodworking? – How To Start A Successful Woodworking Business

To get more revenue or income as a woodworker you’d want to make certain things more profitable. In the first example, in order to bring more people into your business, you would want to make your woodshop more attractive. You’d want to find a woodshop that has great service and excellent products, the kind of space which brings in the most customers. You would want your shop to be attractive outside as well.

The third piece of information for making more money is making your woodshop more accessible to the customers. In the example above, as a woodworker, I’m a bit more accessible, so I’d like to improve accessibility for my customers.

Where is Woodworking’s wood shop located?

I’m located at 711 N. Elston, Seattle, WA 98127. Just a couple minutes from downtown Seattle and the University of Washington and just a short ways from West Seattle College.

Do you have woodworking classes in the area?

Yes, I teach woodworking at Seattle Art Museum for free once a month. I teach woodworking in exchange for an exhibition and to get an exclusive discount during the event.

Does it cost anything to rent a space at the Seattle Art Museum?

Nope. It’s totally free.

Do you have a gallery or a private room for showing off your work?

No, I can create furniture and do other private things like painting, so I don’t need to do any more of these things.

Do you have a place to live?

Yes. I am living out of a small storage shed I bought in the back of my garage right next to my office space.

Do you make any products?

I do and for my first and last woodworking business I was starting with wood veneer, some cabinets and a lot of veneer for a couple of buildings I was renovating. Now I make everything out of either concrete or reclaimed reclaimed wood. I like to focus on building from the ground up.

How do I get started?

If you’ve been looking for a new woodworking business opportunity to launch, then head over to The Woodworker’s Blog to find out how I made $5000 in a year building and shipping wood. Or if you’re already building a business, then you can just take my survey!

I would love to help, my goal is to find a way to bring more revenue in so that I can

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