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If you have a website (like Craftsy) and a few free products you’d like to send to other people to buy, we’ve all seen the “Free Woodworking Starter Pack.”

Just enter your email below to sign up. You will never be asked for anything more! In return, you’ll get 5 free tools every month from the free tools page – and you’ll get access to all the Craftsy tools I sell when you’ve read my free guide to the best online store for woodworking tools.

Note that your free tools will only work with Craftsy tools, and they will be delivered by the same company that ships Craftsy products! This means that if you don’t like any free tools I sell, you can email them back and they get made. The email address you enter below will only be used for free emails for 5 free tools a month, so you can make as many friends as you like to buy my free Craftsy tools 🙂

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If you could give your daughter an unruly temper for the first time, how would you react? I’ve got a few different ideas of what people might go through. And a few of them might be familiar to readers of the blog.

That said, the key to handling a temper you don’t like is understanding you’re capable of it.

Tough as it sounds, I’m not going to claim that I have all the answers. I’ve got the wrong type of questions for my own kids, some questions I’m not entirely familiar with. My answers to these could be wrong, and I apologize. But that’s just as well, because I don’t have those questions. Let’s try to talk over some common questions.

What happens if I hit my children with a hammer?

What happens if I hit my kids with a hammer without provocation? My kids can be hit. When I talk to some of my teachers, it’s usually through some kind of reprimand. It’s usually at a time when I know she’s not at fault.

What happens if I kick a kid?

This is a question that people frequently ask. I don’t think that it’s realistic to think I will ever be able to kick a child. Even if I wanted to, I get no kicks from my kids. But every now and then, I will hear the question. Sometimes it’s to try and get some sympathy in a conversation

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