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First of all, Russian Roulette is not a game where you are playing a person who has already lost the previous game. The same is not true in the Roulette System. It’s not an attempt to teach people something they already know. It’s an attempt to teach a bunch of people something that is a new concept.

So, if somebody comes to you and says, “How about this roulette game?” what would you say to them?

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I’d say, “What would I tell the guy who played Russian Roulette?” He just had to go with it and see what he got. What I would tell the guy who played in Russia is, “The first thing you need to do is choose a person for yourself who you trust to be honest.” The key here is that the person has to trust you. He or she has to feel you are honest with them. That’s it. You can’t tell them to lie or to be deceitful and think it will somehow solve the problem. You can take away a life you have lost and ask for a life you haven’t found.

If that person goes with your roulette then there’s the possibility something bad will happen to them. So, you’re asking them to let you cheat them if it’s necessary. I call that the power to create a new world. If a Russian Roulette player wants to play Russian Roulette, all he has to do is ask you.”

What could you possibly ask them if they’re willing to play Russian Roulette?

You can ask them about their fears; what if they lose and then this game ends and this is our end? How do you think the person playing Russian Roulette reacts? I think they would find a way out of it. That’s what you’re supposed to ask. Not everyone wants to do it, that’s what you can tell them. That doesn’t mean it’s something you should do.

When you were talking about how people would play, that seems to imply that there’s always a winner after a losing roll. That doesn’t come through in this game. Is that right?

I wasn’t really thinking about that until I started thinking of it that way and I realized how it comes into play. If people want to play Russian Roulette, all they really have to do is ask you.”

You can ask them about their fears; what if they lose and then this game ends and this is our end? How do

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