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You use paper money and the game is random. And how do you cheat on an IRS audit? You hire a lawyer and file for an extension of time.

The IRS has already paid nearly $4 million in back taxes based on a faulty scheme that used the taxpayers’ own money to win more tax revenue than they actually received. But these were the same people who had no problem calling themselves auditors, so, hey, why wouldn’t they be auditors again? Now, with a record $18 billion in revenue and a huge amount of debt, the IRS has to figure this out on it’s own.

If this is what’s to come, will taxpayers even trust the IRS’s methods now that they know how much money they are losing?

The IRS is out to make a quick buck

The IRS is out to make a quick buck and it’s all on the taxpayers. It can hardly care less that Americans are losing more money every year and it is getting worse. It can’t even get the $18 billion it should have gotten to actually pay it’s bills.

The IRS has gone back to the drawing board when it comes to its old ways and they have been putting out new rules that are more about using taxpayers’ money to score more revenue instead of keeping it in the bank for future use.

The IRS has created a new category — Taxpayer Assistance Program – or TAP – for taxpayers who have trouble getting through the IRS’s complicated and time-consuming application and payment process.

It provides taxpayers with discounts and financial assistance such as loans, grants, tax credits, and assistance to pay for mortgage, utilities, health insurance, car payments, or paying for other basic expenses associated with paying the taxes they owe. The idea is to encourage taxpayers who need help to submit their taxes and get the help they need.

Under the TAP program, taxpayers can also get financial assistance from the Internal Revenue Service. In many cases, the IRS will provide free financial guidance. And if you file your taxes as a group, no matter what you owe, you may be able to pay for each member of the group instead of the taxpayer who didn’t get the help.

The IRS uses so-called Filing Penalty Reduction to offset the tax you owe on any tax return, or for any reason. It’s not much. And it’s not enough to make up for the taxes you have already paid. But it’s a very small cost for the IRS to offset the

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