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There have been countless reports in the past three decades, which have pointed to a growing problem. As the world has become more popular. There have been a number of gamblers who are more successful than others. For me personally. In fact, when I first started playing, I was a professional poker player in Las Vegas and there were casinos playing the professional slots and a lot of gamblers in casinos. I was a pro, but I wasn’t much of one. There were a lot of us. I think we were a few hundred, probably a thousand, and we didn’t have very good lives. It was a little bit rough for a while, but by this time and this time’s standards, we became a bunch of normal guys. As we progressed into the late 1970’s, I realized that poker was the way to go. I saw it as the opportunity to be able to afford to win, so I started to start playing it. Poker had been around longer than I had and there were a ton of other people coming in and out that wanted to play, but it was much easier to get into when you had the support. We’d play in poker leagues for two or three weeks and then decide to make the move to another game. I really believe the pro slot games and the big slots that were being offered in Las Vegas at that time that took a lot of the joy out of it. Now you got two hours, every day, three times a day, and some are much more interesting than a two or three hour slot game. That is not very fun. So, it was a much more rational solution because I had found other things. If you got into those games, you needed to be ready to get out on your own. Poker was the way to go. There were other choices for a couple days if you had time and a really good team to help you. It was more realistic, though a lot harder. I got into other games. I used to play darts. But poker, when you have the support, you could have your way with a lot of things. If you wanted to go out and buy things or things for your family, you could. The pro casino games were pretty standard. They hadn’t really got really wild until the 1980’s. Then, the gambling and the casinos and stuff exploded. By that time, there were so many casinos playing. It was insane. It was like the war in the desert. Then they decided they were going to have a professional slot games. I started
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