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There are two ways casinos use magnets in their machines:

Casinos use magnetic rings on the side of the slot machines which are supposed to help the player to identify the right slot. This is not a guarantee as the game isn’t always played in a ring. The use of this feature is also subject to strict regulations and regulation of the casinos. (example: slot machines with magnetic rings can not be called “high-speed games” in Australia)

Casinos use magnetic stripes on the casino floor to help in the identification of the right slot. These are often called “ballot machines”. They are not guaranteed as they are not tested by the casino so they might not be able to work as intended.

These 2 uses of magnetic machines are regulated under the Casino Control and Licensing Act 1997 as each is governed by laws designed by the state, territory and territory governments for the purpose of controlling gambling and gaming in Australia.

What are the requirements of the Casino Control Act 1997 for slot machines that have magnetic strips on them?

Casino machines use a magnetic strip to identify the right slot if the machine is installed in or near a public place or in private residences that have been licensed for any game or game design that is exempt from the Act, and that have been issued with a valid licence.

For an exemption, the slot machine must be installed in: A part of their arcade arcade where they are restricted to a maximum of 5 machines each (or if not otherwise restricted it can have no more than 3) The machine must only be used in a public place or within a private residence

If the machines are used at a gaming parlor with a licensed gaming licence, then the slot machine must be installed on one side of the arcade arcade rather than both sides but the machines on either side could in theory be used concurrently. This is known as a bingo line, which is the most common form of slot machine.

If the machines are used in a casino, it must be used within a public place not restricted to 5 machines each or if the machines are not otherwise restricted it can have no more than 3. However, the machine must not be used with a gambling device other than a cash machine. It must also be used on the right side when it is not used as part of a bingo line

There is a limit of 6 machines at 1,500 slots per day in a casino casino

If the casino allows slot machines to be bought from a dealer

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