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It’s an extremely complex story, full of moral questions and many contradictory answers. But all of it will be answered in the next few weeks.

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In September 2010, we hosted an event in New York City called The Gamasutra Conference in honor of the game industry’s most valuable publication, GameSpot (

Afterwards, we went to the restaurant across from where the event was being held and got in line for a buffet. About 40 people were lining up.

It was about 5pm, and we were all waiting for our food, which came out about 30 minutes later.

I was the only Asian person, and there was an Asian girl next to me who was having chicken soup and rice, and another person who was having rice for noodles. I could tell that she didn’t have much of an appetite for chicken, and she was very polite. Her friend had a large Chinese bag of rice that didn’t look very palatable at first, but then she ate it all, and now the food was really great. They were very polite, and it was apparent that they had not been having any of the hot-blooded, un-PC meals that would have been in most Asian-Americans’ diet at the time.

As I stood there, watching them eat, I didn’t even feel offended, which made it weird to me. When your body is trying to digest and excrete the contents of your stomach, it is easy to forget that the food is actually very good.

Then, the waitress finally got their food.

“Wait, where are you from?” She asked, as she walked away. I was confused.

What was going on? I told myself.

As time continued, I heard a voice coming from below, “You’re welcome, I’m in town.”

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I turned around and saw a woman wearing a blue skirt and a light blue dress. She was carrying a small umbrella, and she walked towards us. She held it out in front of herself and looked very friendly. I looked at her face. It is very young. Her long dark hair is cut high, and she seems pretty fit. Her face is nice, and she is very cute.

I thought

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