How can I lose weight if I can’t exercise?

That’s called malnutrition and people need to know the risks associated with overfeeding.”

Dr Paul G. Ritter, the director of food and nutrition programs at The Johns Hopkins University, says diet can’t be a substitute for proper health.

“Eating too much can damage our immune system,” he said. “A common example are a lot of very sugary desserts and low-fat products that are low in calories, but high in sugar. These really work really well for individuals to look and feel healthy, but they do have their drawbacks. It doesn’t protect us against some of the diseases we deal with.”

Even calorie-restricted diets are unhealthy for most people.

“A calorie-restricted diet tends to make people more obese and have an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, inflammation of the arteries, and some types of cancer and cardiovascular disease.”

In fact, there’s an association between high calorie intake and type-2 diabetes.

“If you are overweight, eating a lot more of an amount of calories will lead to a lot bigger insulin release than if eating fewer calories. The increase in insulin release makes you need to have more insulin to produce the same amount of energy for some of the same health issues.”

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According to a recent CDC study, just 8 percent of Americans are following a calorie-restricted diet. This means a majority of us are out of compliance with government guidelines.

I am not the first one to have seen the issue. Just a few days ago, an anonymous developer posted about the ‘brokenness’ in the Linux-mint repository, where a patch to fix the problem has been pending for at least a week with no real resolution.

I asked for a comment directly on this topic on the Fedora Forum, but I have yet to hear back from the team that handles our packages (we are on the Fedora Board, which was established back in 2006). It was mentioned in a conversation on the discussion page of a Fedora Board mailing list that there’s actually a way to find out the status with a simple grep command (yes, that’s a Fedora trademark):

“I found an issue of the Linux Mint’s kernel code with a single source file that is causing the bug. So, I checked and found that the fix for the kernel is not in the Linux-mint tree, but a patch to the tree has already been submitted to the kernel’s FTP repository (by someone other than me) and