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Graphic images of graffiti can be intimidating and hurt feelings. A police officer can take a person’s property, and may damage it if he thinks it is related to criminal activity, or may arrest or imprison the suspect if the graffiti is offensive to the public. Some other graffiti cases include painting of the face and eyes of a victim in a threatening manner and then vandalizing private property or damaging vehicles. If you have received a charge of graffiti in the past please contact us to discuss your case and obtain a copy of some documents.
Drip painting technique and the influence of Jackson ...

What was your childhood like?

I grew up in the city in Sydney, Australia, in the middle 1960s. When I was growing up, it was a period of tremendous technological change in all forms. At the same time, our lives got even more exciting thanks to many technological developments. As a teenager, I’d drive my father’s four-door pickup truck, in which I rode in the back passenger seat, through the world that my dad made.

Your father was the first person to develop an Internet-based communicative device. How do you feel about the role the Internet played in your childhood, and, particularly, in your father’s work?

The way the Internet has changed the way we communicate in ways that were not possible before the Internet. Not only did the Internet let us communicate more easily over distances, but we could also have more control over our communications. It was about the time I began working with my father, who’d also come up through the field using the Internet, that we realized the Internet was not just about communicating information over great distances. It became about creating that kind of communication. The Internet had that kind of potential because it didn’t require any special equipment to use. In fact, it was quite easy to use. So that’s why I felt personally responsible for the development of the Internet.

We’ve heard that you have used the Internet for a variety of purposes, from the development of a new type of communication device designed specifically for military intelligence to the development of the first electronic communication service for children. How has your relationship with your father evolved since you left the military?

In 1992, I had gotten a call from a recruiter at the Australian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRIO), which is a government agency. They were looking for someone who knew how to work very, very, very hard on the Internet. I think they actually wanted me for an important job that would require me to be very dedicated to

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