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Rustoleum Spray paints have a high surface finish to help reduce the scratches that you can get and to provide long lasting protection. Rustoleum spray works great on most surfaces; however, you will need to be on the lookout for paint with specific surface finishes if you want to apply to them.

Rustoleum spray works well on a variety of finishes including:



Carpets and vinyl (vinyl is also easy to use Rustoleum spray paint)

Sewing Machines

Carpets, mattes, curtains and walls

Paint with a matte finish (not paint with a gloss finish). If you find paint with a matte finish in any of the above colors, you may need to go to another store to buy Rustoleum spray; sometimes, there are paint finishes on the market that won’t work for these colors.

Carpets also look great with Rustoleum spray paints like Rustoleum Primer in Black. If you’re going to purchase Rustoleum spray paint for your home, take a look at their complete wall spray guide that teaches you to paint a wide range of home surfaces.

Use Rustoleum spray paint to help protect or restore your car in a variety of situations. A few car owners in the United States have been able to use Rustoleum spray paint for years.
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Rustoleum Pro-Varnish –

Use Rustoleum Pro-Varnish for a variety of jobs that are challenging or difficult. The paint is a light oil based varnish that can last for up to three times as long as regular paint. The car primer does a great job of bonding surfaces to a primer before you apply paint.

In the photos below are examples of typical Rustoleum Pro-Varnish application:

When using the Rustoleum Pro-Varnish to protect wood paneling in a garage, this is a good way to protect the paint, paint finish on the wood and the wood paneling’s hard surface.

The Rustoleum Pro-Varnish is very easy to clean off when you come to your driveway. Just use a clean rag to wipe any excess paint off the panel that has had the rust coating removed. For areas like the doors, the wood paneling or the front of the car where the Rustoleum Pro-Varnish hasn’t been applied, I recommend using a cleaner like Kool-

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