Is spray paint expensive? – Spray Paint Art Supplies For Beginners

The answer is: not really. Spray paint is a relatively cheap and abundant resource – you can buy as many as you like on eBay.

The vast majority of spray paint brands are not particularly expensive, and those that are are usually cheap too.

There are, however, some very rare brands with very expensive prices that you should not be relying on simply because they are not common.

You can use these to get some ideas of costs for your own use, and if you get any of these from someone else – don’t feel bad. Sometimes the suppliers are actually charging you for them, and just wanted to give a little something back to those who helped make them so famous (and so powerful).

If you are using the colours listed here, check the descriptions, and ask yourself which it is that you want to use and how much. If you are using a particular brand of spray paint then make sure to compare the price to the equivalent of the colour. If you find a high price for a colour that is not common then don’t buy it; it is not worth the money to get it.

Does buying spray paint make any difference?

Probably, but it depends on your needs (and which ones you can afford).

Remember the rule of supply and demand? It says that the quality of the materials and the labour required to produce them determines the cost.

If you need some of the most expensive items listed here, you can usually get them elsewhere cheaper than the same materials that costs much more.

The same applies to buying paint. You can buy the cheapest paint in the world, but there is usually a better brand that is available for much cheaper.

A final word…

If you are really struggling to buy one that you know you can use then don’t fret! There are plenty of people on eBay that will buy you that “real” paint that you want, and sell it for a significant price premium.

If you really need the paint, then you can sell your things to them, and they can also sell them to you.

If you can’t find what you need at local shops, and you’re desperate to get an idea of how much a few metres of spray paint costs – get yourself some spray paint from the internet! It’ll be worth your while to check how much a yard of paint costs, and you’ll be able to work out how much a few metres of spray paint would cost. You should

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