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I had an old car rep and he asked my opinion on Krylon and decided to test a test. I took a square piece of drywall and sprayed the entire surface once. That piece had a few small stains and no big deal. Then I put the sprayed section on the drywall (about 2′ worth) and then sprayed in the same location. I don’t know if all of you have had experience with Krylon, so let’s see… I spray-painted the edges of the drywall on it. I then sprayed the drywall on a piece of clear-jacket, and sprayed off the excess. Now I think we know why Krylon stains are so BAD. The first coat is really good at hiding all the powdery white stuff, but it doesn’t show up until the next layer of paint is applied (which I know I’m not using on the painted drywall and I’ll talk about that and some of the other stuff I use a little later on). This means that I would be doing a LOT of rubbing and scraping the drywall to get the white stuff off. I don’t want that, so I did a lot of research (I used this link from and after all it is true, Krylon stains go bad because it can’t hold all the moisture until it is sprayed (it can hold up to 150F at its hottest). So you’re good to go on your next project.

What to use to stain and clean? This is going to be another topic that I’m sure will become a lot of debate for me, but I’m going to share an idea that I used for several of my projects. I used to spray black paint on the drywall. Then I went on to stain the wet-wall, and when I finished I sprayed it again. I got it to hold up to the moisture, so it should be good to go on this project, but I haven’t used it with any of my drywall, so it doesn’t really count. But it does seem to work pretty well for this project. If you have tried some of these techniques and you are having success with stain and brushing, please share your experience!

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