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I would suggest a minimum of 10 sq. ft. of patio area.

I just spray painted it and it looked really nice.

If possible, you can also cover in a few layers of clear.

The better the paint, the nicer you will be having fun with painting it.

How to paint a patio – the correct way!



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I found this paint recipe from this blog (with thanks to it) and I like it quite a bit. I’ll add pictures.

First, cut the rubber bands from an unused bottle of spray paint, and some duct tape

Make a circle with 2″ of one side of the tape about 12″ apart. Place that in the center. Start drawing a line through that. You then spread the spray paint by about 1/8 of a cup for each

layer of paint, so each of the eight circles is painted about twice as thick as your circle. You now have two overlapping circles which I will call sides.

Once these are ready, paint the inside of your circle using about a quarter cup per inch of your line and a cup per half, 1/8″, 1/10″

per inch,

and a cup for each inch of the paint you have on your circle. The thicker the paint, the larger the surface area you can put it over. Do it for as many spots as possible.

Tear the plastic tape and spray paint with the first side of the tape. Make sure you are putting in a straight line.

Cover the entire area with the third side of the tape.

Now repeat the process with the other side.

Cover the entire area with the first side.

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I know it sounds like a bunch of work, but it’s not. If you do it right,

you will get a little mess but it’s worth it. If not, it will be harder to make the

correct line over the surface to achieve a good coverage.

You can also paint the inner edges of your circle with the final layer of paint or just paint one side.

The outer edge and inner edge should be very smooth with no imperfections. Remember to let

the paint dry completely before turning it inside out. After the entire area has been painted,

leave it alone for about two hours so the

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