Does spray paint contain lead? – Youtube Spray Paint Artists Houston

No. As with the other paint additives or inks that contain cadmium, lead is neither a required ingredient or required color additive. The only thing lead does is to provide an opaque coat, a finish, that helps prevent airborne dust from settling on paint surfaces. This can have several important effects on the paint, including making it harder to clean and easier to scratch.

Many people are concerned about water contamination of spray paint with lead. Spray paint contains very little of the metal’s toxic metals, so you need only to use a little to expose yourself to lead dust but not a lot because of the paint’s low corrosivity. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that “in general water quality is unaffected by the use of lead products”. This does not mean that the water is not dirty; it is just cleaner (meaning less corrosive or toxic) than it would be without lead.

It is possible, however, that lead paint could damage paint-treated surfaces during the paint drying process (that is, when the paint is allowed to dry). The most likely culprit for this is in the finish used to coat paintwork – that is, the paint-treated surface. This is where there is most potential for lead to enter. If you notice any problems with your vehicle with paint that is not currently treated with lead, consider contacting your local dealer for a primer-treated paint to be applied to the paintwork.

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