Can I spray paint paper?

It’s easy to spot where a paper’s in the water: a little bit of a paper can come in direct contact with water; a tiny bit can be squeezed; and a large lot can go all over the place. So what about paint cans? No. Not because they’re used for paper. But because they’re used for other things. Paper comes in lots of different sizes and shapes, but there are a few common shapes and sizes that make it easy to spot where water is involved.

The trick is to keep the top of the paper, and all surfaces of the paper you’re spraying onto and not just the paper itself, in the water. If you’re spraying on water, use the lowest strength spray can you can find. If you’re spraying on other materials, there are other things you need to keep in mind. Here are a few tips:

There’s no need to use a strong spray can for paper because a few paint supplies contain water as a by-product. If you are using paint and water, check the labels on everything to make sure it doesn’t contain water as a product. In any case, you should be spraying paper in the water so if you’re spraying it on something else, make sure all of the paper you’ve sprayed to is still in water.
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You can use any other spray can, including those from specialty stores and hardware stores. Just remember that the strength of the spray can is key, because even simple spray cans can hold up to a few gallons of water. And, if you have to replace a can, check the label to see if it lists the water content; this is the main thing that will determine how much water is in the can.

If you have multiple products in the can and you’re mixing some in the water, make sure the strength of the mix is not greater than the strength of the water itself.

You must do this using a spray can that you can keep clean, or a spray can that’s been cleaned and is not leaking. You can do this with the top down or with the top up, not both. With the top down, always keep the top facing upward and never let anything get on the side. Also, if you need to mix more than you can at once, you should try using a spray bottle with more than one can at a time. (I usually keep two in my tool box as I use them regularly.

With the top down, always keep the top facing upward