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I’ve been dancing a long time. If you’ve seen the dance moves on YouTube I had the same dance for almost a decade. I actually still dance all the time, and sometimes people try to tell me that I’ve lost my mojo, but I laugh it off because it’s such a cliché.

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The most difficult aspect of dancing is getting on stage and seeing other people. How do people react?

One of the best reactions from other people is, “Oh, that’s so cool your dancing! Did you get out of it?” But I’ve had people ask me to do it one step deeper, like, “Is this the same kind of move you did when you were 16 and had two or two-and-half inches on your foot?”

You really just start dancing and it just comes. My step count started at one and it has gone through hundreds and hundreds of iterations. It’s like learning to ride a bike; you don’t know where the pedals are yet. It’s all the unknowns. You just start doing and it works, and it works, and something in the back of your mind says you know what you’re doing. It comes easily.

How long have you danced and how many hours a day?

My first dance came when I was 4 and it was one and 30 in the morning. I danced more and more. I don’t know how long it really lasts as long as you said.

I’m a natural dancer. There’s still nothing weird at all about me. I don’t really have any other hobbies that I do, aside from playing sports. I’m pretty healthy so I’m pretty flexible, so I’m able to dance and keep doing it for a long time. As crazy as it may sound, I’ve lived in Hawaii for about a year now and have only danced about 20 hours a week. I would tell other people that we can dance for an hour and a half a night, but I’m not one of those people. I go to bed at like 10:30 because I want to work on my dance, but my roommates aren’t as good at dancing as I am so I end up getting up for a dance around seven or eight every morning and I’m pretty much done by noon.

Who is your biggest supporter out there in the dance world?

I don’t know who my biggest supporter is, though. I definitely know that everybody who loves me is like, “How was

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