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This name translates to ‘black cat’.

Chacha (Black Cat) is a character on the hit show “MADtv”, played by actor Anthony Gonzalez. Anthony Gonzalez’s mother is Latina and his father is white. A big-breasted blonde, Chacha (Chacha) has one eye hidden in a large puffy mitten. The black cat also comes with a large black bow on top of the snout, which Chacha uses to show off his various talents. The character first made his TV debut on the season 10 premiere on the show that aired on March 13, 2009.

Chacha’s character is often referred to as the ‘little black cat’ in the American market, a slang term that is widely used outside of a Latin American culture, but has often been in Latin America, specifically Puerto Rico in the 1930s. The character is often also referred to as the ‘Mexican black cat’ in Europe, a slang term that is used to refer to white males with Spanish accents.

The black cat has become something of a phenomenon since the show’s start, and even became the character’s official name in Latin America. Chacha was named after Chachat Chachat and Chachat Chachat – two characters from the classic manga/anime series “Little Red Riding Hood”. Chachat Chachat is a very strong and fearless girl who’s always on the looking out for others. Chachat Chachat seems to not be afraid to do anything to protect those around her. Chachat Chachat always has a smile on her face, always keeping people around her and always helping them. Chachat Chachat is kind, sweet, and kind of a bit mysterious. Chachat Chachat’s favorite food is the dried catfish which she is known to eat as a snack. Chachat Chachat is also known to do a lot of digging for things at night. She is a very energetic and good at sports.

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This cat has a dark past, not all of which was explained on the show. It is unknown how Chacha became black, as the cat remains as a white cat. For a brief period of time before the show aired, in the early 2000’s, Chachat Chachat had a pet white cat named Mamacita, who was a pet of Mancie Chachat’s uncle, Alucard Guevara.

Chacha has earned all his power

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