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Not so much.

Here’s the thing: When people see you dance, people immediately assume you have to be a choreographer. And, to be perfectly honest, I think that’s a mistake. But dance is an art form. It’s made by artists and choreographers. Dance works.

So we can break down a little bit who these dancers are and what they do.

We’ll start with Kourtney and the whole Kim Kardashian family. They all have their own unique spins on the art form. From Jennifer, who is a choreographer, to Kendall, who is a choreographer in drag, all of these people do different things than anyone else out there. In fact, I would argue they make this “artform” way more difficult to learn for the average viewer.

First, there’s Kendall’s “Kourtney/Bella” dance style, which combines elements of both her family. In the above video, you can see her move with a great precision, which is perfect for a modern-day queen. It really takes a while for viewers to catch up to that.

At first glance, it almost seem like the “Kim-style” dance has been developed to work for the Kim-family, and not the rest of the dancers in the video. You see there is a whole other part of Kendall’s skill set that takes place underneath that skirt, too.

But it’s not a bad thing to look at it this way. By looking at the dance differently, we can see that there’s a lot more talent than you would think. I mean look at what’s available now in the world of choreography, right now. It’s a huge world that isn’t being represented because we don’t look like we do in movies, or on TV, or by video game consoles.
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So by looking at this video and learning different aspects of the dance and the different elements, we can see that even though Kourtney’s work is more developed, all the other dancers still have a ton of tricks up their sleeves, that are not necessarily covered in the video.

But, what do it really mean to “do” choreography?

First of all, it’s not all about looks.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about dance videos not being authentic because of the video game footage in them. However, how many videos in the world are being made using that footage? If they are, then why are so

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