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The waltz is known as a “twined sash,” because it’s tied at the bottom end. The longest (known colloquially as a “twin”) is called the “two-twin waltz,” which is made up of “two” twins of equal length.

What does the waltz mean?

Waltz is an easy one. “Twine” means “waltz string, typically made from hemp.”

So is it really just two waltz strings?

Nope! As with all things relating to dance, it depends.

An expert will tell you that it depends, but generally, dance styles vary. The short “twin” is the same length whether the two ends are “twisted” or “twisted and crossed.” The short “twin waltz” is the traditional and most common, and the “twin waltz” (or “twister”) is the two-twin version. Sometimes “twin” may refer to the “towel” that the dancers use to wrap the waltz, so there’s a possible “twin waltz” of socks.

How does the name “twisted and crossed” come about?

The word “twisted” is thought to be derived from the idea of crossing a twine while the twine is still twisted. The “crossed” would mean “turned,” while “twisted” refers to a twist.

(Credit: Burt Lancaster)

What’s the difference with twists when the wind blows from the North?

The name “twisted” doesn’t refer to the wind moving North from the top of the headdress to the bottom. There’s more than one way to describe a twist. They can be considered either circular, and include the twists around a central figure, circle, or circle and half-circle. Also known as “hitchy,” “crosses,” and “triangles,” these twists, however, are generally made by someone in the middle of the dance or simply standing in a line with the other dancers.

How did the “twin” waltz come about?

For a very brief period of time in the 1890s, a man known as “Old Man Twiddle” appeared at dances around the country. He was so popular that other dancers began to imitate him, turning in twirled hair with tw

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