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You’ve heard it all in the dancing videos. But who are these people in the dance scene who want to share what they see and touch? Those who are actually sharing social dance?

In this webinar, you’ll have a chance to talk to other dancers – people who actually practice and take part in social dance – and get a better understanding about their experience, and why they’re not doing dance.

A Social Dance Masterclass with John DeLeon (Solo Practice & Social Dancing) and Sara Della Cava (Coaching and Social Dancing) at The Dance Institute of Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Center for Dance (

Tuesday, June 25, 2018. 7:00 p.m.

All Ages

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) annual Consumer Privacy Day event is scheduled for tomorrow, March 25. In addition to FTC officials, an FTC-sponsored panel will address the privacy issues affecting consumers across the country with an eye toward helping inform the FTC’s efforts to strengthen consumer privacy protections.

On March 23, FTC Director Jessica Rich, FTC Senior Advisor for the Privacy and Identity Protection Branch (PIPB), and other FTC partners will address the public about how privacy is a consumer issue across the entire country, and how consumers are affected by privacy-related issues at different points in time. Participants at the March event will learn about what consumers need to know to get the most from their personal information and how the FTC is working to protect consumers.

“Consumers should have a clear understanding of how the FTC works to protect privacy and what we are doing to help them,” says Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen. “Consumers have a right to know how they can feel confident about how their personal data is being used, so it’s critical to get the information out there for them — and we hope that tomorrow’s event and others like it will provide that information before consumers start shopping online.”
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What is in your information: This year’s Privacy Day is also the third annual one sponsored by the FTC and the Privacy Action Center’s (PAC) Data Use Policy Institute (DUPI) and Data Ethics Group (DEG). For information on the event, please visit

What is in the data? The FTC’s public affairs team will lead a panel at the event to share information concerning data protection, data misuse and privacy, and consumer privacy. Panelists have expertise in all of these

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