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Many dances can be a lot of fun to dance in with friends, but there’s also a large segment that cannot be danced without a dance mixer. Mixers do a better job at maintaining a healthy balance between fun and movement to the point where you can get the most out of any dancing. Some of your favorite dance classes and activities can still go on while others are still fun to do but would have been more interesting had you gotten a different dance mixer. Even if you are just adding one of the dance mixer types, you can enjoy it like a new dancer. I personally find it a lot harder to dance solo when you have a group of people helping you out.

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Lance Cpl. Michael Boudinot and three other soldiers have been found guilty of murder in a case that shocked the province’s Canadian military. The Royal Canadian Air Force officer who led the investigation and who is also one of the prosecution’s key witnesses was found dead on Jan. 20, in his home in Toronto.

Michael Boudinot, left, and Michael Aylward, right, are seen together at a funeral. Aylward was found dead on Tuesday. ( Rick Madonik / Toronto Star file photo )

The charges stem from a 2008 killing by three Cpl. Michael Aylward and his friend Lance Cpl. Peter Ladouceur that shocked the Canadian military and sparked calls for a review of the investigation. Aylward and Ladouceur, both 34, were killed when their helicopter crashed near Sainte-Anne in eastern Ontario in 2007. Aylward was shot and killed by police outside the CRSB.

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A jury, in a pre-trial hearing this week, was unable to reach a unanimous decision on four counts of first-degree murder, a conviction for which the defence has asked for a mistrial. Those four charges related to the Nov. 16, 2008, crash that killed Cpl. Aylward and Ladouceur, as well as a third officer, James MacDonald. The jury failed to reach unanimous verdicts on two of them,

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