What are the 10 dances?

Each dance represents a specific skill. We start the course with the most traditional, rhythmic ballroom dance called the Stepdance, from which all other dances in the training program begin.


A Stepdance is the basic form of dancing in European Ballet’s ballet repertoire, with a brief introduction to footwork. It can be described as a rhythmic series of steps, with the steps moving backwards and forwards. While the steps may be the same or different, they generally have a rhythmic progression. Stepdances are usually played in step with the dance team and are the basic source of motivation. The Stepdance is played through two steps (one at a time), with each step being preceded the same-way as the previous step is.

Step dance

The Step Dance is a rhythmic series of steps, performed with the feet moving from right to left or from left to right. Step dancing allows the dancers to demonstrate and express their expressive creativity; therefore, Stepdances are often used to create an expressive, rhythmic image. The main point of Step dances is to develop rhythmic patterns with minimal movement of the feet, especially when compared to the Stepdance.

The stepdance moves forward in its movements and then is followed by a backwards step. This back-and-forth pattern is repeated in a counter-clockwise direction. The dance is intended to be enjoyed on its own, without the benefit of instruction or choreography.

Ballet Step Dance Step Dance StepDance Steps

Reverse step

This Step Dance is similar to the Forward Step in that it is a series of steps that repeats itself. If you perform a ballet Step Dance while standing still, you may find it difficult to move in any specific manner, especially if it involves stepping backwards. This is a good demonstration of how to move a dance into a rhythm.

Rapid steps and variations

A full description of each step is listed here.

Ballet Step Dance Step Dance Step Dance Step Dance StepDance Steps



These steps can be played on the back feet, forward feet

The step dance is designed to be easily learned and played. These steps are also a great way to practice your footwork and be challenged.

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