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There are three types of dances: ballet*, ballet class and “other”. These are, of course, just a few of the dance traditions which have made dance into the most popular pastime for all ages, both adults and children.

But just like a classic movie, there are also a few rules and regulations involved with dance.

So if you’re thinking of learning some new dance moves, take note.

For those who have never danced, the two basic requirements from my experience are:

(1) They have to be safe for a toddler, and (2) they have to have movement which is “light” and “flowy”.


Because even small children struggle with this simple skill, even if they can follow simple directions.

So what is a “Light and Flowy” dance?

In simple terms, an ‘Other dance’ will have movements which are light, rhythmic and fluid. You’ve likely already guessed that by having a child use a stick, so we’ll stick with it. If you’re wondering who is a toddler, you can read more about that here. This is a simple generalisation of dance styles, but it’s also what’s known as a “child-friendly” dance.

So why would a toddler and preschooler struggle to execute an ‘other’ dance?

Here’s another quick example:

“Other” dancing is one form of “light” dancing.

Here, I’m showing you a simple basic dance which involves the child in a basic “up” and “down” movement. Notice that for all of these dance moves to be considered an ‘other’ dance, they have to be executed in a particular “up” and “down” manner.

If a toddler can execute that move, then no doubt other ‘other’ dancing movements will be also be doable to them. If you’re looking for a way to teach these types of ‘other’ dance movements to your kids, here are my top tips.

Here we can see that there is no real “down” or “up” with this move. We can only see this movement “in motion”. This is why it’s sometimes called a “slide”. For the “down” movement to have an effect, the movement has to start in a “down” position, and “up” position first!

How can you make your baby dance?

Let’s say you

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