Is hip hop a social dance?

An artist like Kanye West or a rapper is trying to connect to a larger cultural community, while a DJ is taking a DJ’s music and distilling it through his music. They have to have some kind of control over the sounds, and therefore the mood that’s portrayed in the music they release. It’s the same with a dance, it has to represent an energy of the moment. What about the DJs?

DJ’s are not going to be able to do it. In fact, there’s not going to be much difference between a dance or a DJ. The thing is, there’s something that separates DJ’s for the most part.

DJ’s don’t like to be the star of the big party. What about someone who doesn’t have that kind of energy who is making music to entertain, to entertain and connect? That’s a huge issue.

As I’m working on my next book, my new project, I was trying to think of the next thing that might be interesting to me that people might not know about [laughs].

I’m a fan of DJ Steve Aoki, I’ve been a huge fan of his since he got signed to Epic Records in the States and I know that he did something with my album called The Unseen. He went in and did this thing called Dance with the Stars with the whole team of the DJ Stacks, the team of the DJ Stacks. Now I understand it and it just feels right to me. So for this one, I wanted somebody else that I could do something that wouldn’t be a hit because, if you look on [his] playlist, I’m a fan of it. It’s the same with people like Azzedine Ala Morna. He makes music because he really loves it and it makes him feel good about himself. It’s the same with somebody like Pete Tong. He’s got these different songs that he writes and he gives a voice to them and they speak to me in a way to make me feel better about myself and to show me that I am the only one that can do it.

It’s a big reason why I’ve been building up my collection of beats and I’ve been writing every day with it. It’s become my new music library, I’ve been working on it about three months before I start this new project. It makes me feel like I’m the only one and I’m being appreciated for it. I think that’s important when it comes to a DJ’s