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Is it the same as in football? Is it a bit dirty?” said Rachael, a 29-year-old marketing professional. “I find it weird.

“I don’t know anything about football, really. It kind of sucks for them to put football on the screen for that.”

Some people, including the Football Association, are also unhappy with the fact Manchester United is the official sponsor. Last year, when Chelsea were involved in another Premier League battle with Manchester City, some wondered whether a Premier League takeover would cause more confusion and conflict among clubs. “Chelsea fans don’t get away that easily,” said Chelsea managing director Steve Walsh. “They get more annoyed, more frustrated, more angry.”

Some fans have complained about the introduction of a new kind of advertising spot that appears on the main channel in the hope of encouraging fans to follow their teams on the field.

“They’ve come across more than anyone else. It’s always been our favourite type of ‘marketing.’ I find it to be a bit weird. Not good, more like.

“We like playing football and enjoying it and being outside our comfort zone. If you’re used to a certain type of advertising, it brings more of that.

“It’s annoying because you have this advert on every time a game is played, with a football image.”

Mick McCarthy

Mick McCarthy, manager of Liverpool FC, has taken a firm stance on the marketing ploy that sees Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea on the main channel. He says: “You’ve got to give them some credit. They’ve been brilliant about it.”

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The marketing firm which designed the spot has also been involved in more than a quarter of the total British television advertising, a Guardian investigation has found

The most controversial adverts, it appears, were those that featured Liverpool and Arsenal playing against Manchester United and Chelsea. Two men in red, who speak with high-pitched voices that were described as being the “sound of thunder” by one of the advertisers, are trying to tell people to buy football merchandise.

When the advert first appeared, the Liverpool fans on the main channel were angered by the manner in which the sponsor had chosen to make its pitch, using footage from a previous Champions League semi-final – a fixture where there had been a penalty shoot-out loss to Jose Mourinho’s side. It was suggested that the image created was actually of Chelsea’s Didier Drogba – playing against

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