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Photoshop for free is a free online learning platform that enables you to learn to create stunning artwork in less than five minutes from over 40 free beginner resources.

This resource collection was designed to be quick but thorough. You can take as many or as few courses and learn as much as you want within a day of using the website.

Who should I contact if I want to ask a question about Photoshop?

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You can always post a question about Photoshop on our community, where you will most likely be received with an immediate answer.

In addition, we recommend you take advantage of our free email service! We respond to more than 300,000 enquiries every month and your questions are received within minutes of being sent.

For a number of years the state of Mississippi has been at the forefront of the political right’s attempt to enact draconian anti-abortion laws. Recently, on the eve of the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, a new bill targeting women has been introduced. The “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFR A) would permit businesses to refuse service to women based on their religious beliefs about abortion, same-sex marriage, rape, incest, or fetal pain, or their beliefs about abortion in general.

To be clear, this legislation is simply a watered-down version of the bill being considered in Iowa, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico — even in Alabama, where it’s currently being considered. I don,t even believe that most people would be able to accurately identify the state of Mississippi as anything other than the “state with the largest gap between rich and poor” as ranked by the Census Bureau. But even if they did, you don’t have to be a lawyer to realize that this is all very far from a balanced bill.

For example, let’s just look at this provision of the legislation:

In case this sounds familiar, then it should:

It’s similar to the so-called “personhood” amendment that would allow fetuses to begin to have constitutional rights. There are differences, too, including the fact that this bill focuses on “religious” issues and not “moral”. And it is a pretty clear statement of the position that the bill’s sponsor, Representative Jim Jordan, took while speaking at a March 2016 press conference.

But if you’re paying attention to the national debate about reproductive rights, you’ll know that Jordan is a pretty consistent pro-choice voice. He has,

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